The nationwide general elections day, the 8th of February, 2024, will be remembered as a turning point in the history of Pakistan. First and foremost, these elections have clearly demonstrated that Pakistani people have come of age, and have decided to take the destiny of the country in their own hands.

Despite all kinds of intimidation, abductions, torture, imprisonment, the people not only came out in massive numbers to vote, but voted their conscience and voted for a future Pakistan on the road to progress, in pursuit of the goal to achieve it’s full potential.

They have almost completely rejected the Mafia Gang propped up by the ruling Military Establishment to be installed in the government as their “loyal” puppets. This is bound to set a new dynamics in motion. There is another major factor that does not seem to augur well for the Military Establishment.

After the elections, the US, the UK and the European Union, seem to have read the clear and bold writing on the wall and apparently decided to withold their unconditional support for the Military Establishment for the time being.

Numerous reports emanating from the mainstream western media, and from some important members of the administrations, clearly seem to indicate that. The western powers have been the real source of economic and political support for the Pakistan Military Establishment, so loss of this support would greatly weaken them. These powers have their own interests in the global scheme of things, so they can not afford to alienate the 250 million Pakistani people.

So without the support of the people of Pakistan, and their foreign benefactors (who fact can be pretty decisive), the Military Establishment will stand isolated and helpless. Even though the Military has not yet surrendered to the will of the people and are still trying to install some old tried out compromised “loyal” politicians by massive rigging and changing results of elections, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to manage that.

The people are out on the streets in huge numbers, demanding their mandate be respected; and determined to stay as long as required.

I think this gives new hope that after all, the Military may not be able to prevail this time. That would usher in a new era, genuine democracy in Pakistan.

  • Zarar Sheikh, USA

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