Children admire their parents because they are the ones who introduce them to the real world. They are the ones who give them the light of the spiritual world. What is right and wrong is based on what their parents believe. This is the power of the parent. They shape their children, or they programme them in the initial stage.

What if the parents are not able to give them proper time? If there are a high number of advantages, then we also have a high number of disadvantages if parents won’t be able to treat their children well.

I’m a witness to the child who was admitted to the hospital; his age was 7 years old. His father came to the hospital and abused his mother in front of the whole hospital. That child was about to cry not because he was not well but because of his father’s language, which he used for his beloved mom. This situation shows what kind of mental wellbeing a child will get at home if the mother is treated like this in front of the whole hospital. What kind of behaviour did that woman suffer at the home inside the four-walls? In western countries, women know their rights, but here in Pakistan, women just accept this as their luck.

In this modern era, we need to bear this. Let’s not think about a child, but remember how women are treated. This causes such an ache in the stomach. I hope that the words our men use can heal a woman’s soul, not hurt them.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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