Dear Editor

Tribal systems have persisted for decades across the globe, offering a rich tapestry of diversity to our world, which undoubtedly enriches its glory. However, amidst this diversity, we’ve witnessed conflicts escalate into devastating wars, causing untold misery for countless individuals.

This archaic practice continues to persist even in this era of remarkable advancement and technology, particularly affecting rural communities, where lives are often confined and opportunities limited.

Many individuals, despite enduring immense hardships, manage to pursue higher education and aspire to lead better lives. Yet, the specter of tribal conflicts continues to haunt them, robbing them of opportunities and, tragically, even claiming lives. Dr. Ajmal Sawand, a shining example of such potential, fell victim to tribal rivalries, depriving the world of his invaluable contributions to his field and stunting the growth of future endeavors.

It is imperative that we reflect on the consequences of our egos and the pursuit of honor, which often fuel these conflicts. How much longer must we endure such suffering? The loss incurred is not just individual but collective, as we miss out on the promise of countless gems like Dr. Sawand, who could have propelled our world towards greater peace and prosperity.

We must actively engage in raising awareness and advocating for peaceful resolution mechanisms. By coming to the table and seeking dialogue instead of conflict, we can avert irreparable losses and pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future for all.


Umama Rajput


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