In a shocking incident at Dow University of Health Sciences, the Emergency Department of Ojha witnessed the arrival of two young souls, aged 3–4 years, rushed to the hospital after ingesting rat poison.

The narrative takes a chilling turn as it unfolds that their own father had placed the toxic substance in a cake, innocently positioned in their family shop. The unimaginable horror deepened as both children consumed the lethal concoction.

The resilience of life is tested when faced with the harsh reality of a parent inadvertently endangering their own flesh and blood.

The Emergency Department swiftly executed gastric lavage and monitored vital parameters, ultimately saving the lives of the innocent children. Yet, the narrative serves as a stark reminder of the often-overlooked dangers lurking within our homes, emphasizing the critical need for vigilance, especially in middle-class households where the financial burden of medical expenses adds an additional layer of adversity.

This heartbreaking tale urges all parents to exercise the utmost caution in their daily choices, underscoring the profound impact a momentary oversight can have on the lives of their precious ones.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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