Suicide committed due to poverty! Children died from hunger! These headlines circulate almost every other day in Pakistan’s newspapers. Poverty is one of the major problems for the governments of all developing and underdeveloped countries including Pakistan.

To overcome this issue in Pakistan, not only Pakistan itself but many other international organizations have developed plans, but all these plans are of no use because according to the surveys, the poverty ratio of Pakistan has risen to 39.4 % from 34% in just one year. That means 95 million Pakistanis have less than $3.65 in income per day.

What do you think our government is doing? Is our government taking any effective measures for alleviating poverty? Thousands of people are dying because of hunger because they don’t have access to the necessities of life.

To alleviate poverty, the government only needs to create more job opportunities. But the question arises: how can we create jobs? We do not have industries that lack the opportunity Increasing employment will result in increasing a person’s income and thus a poor Pakistani would be able to afford the necessities of life.
Yours sincerely,
Kashish Shaikh

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