Life seems beautiful when we all live in peace. In a country, to maintain peace, we have a law and order situation that is headed by the government of the country. In 2024, Pakistan will conduct an election for the new government, which will take over all the public affairs of the country. Like other democratic countries, we can’t think of this situation as normal.

Pakistani people associate this situation with the storm. unexpected death troll can take place. The period before the election is assumed to be the silence before a thunderstorm. Every Pakistani has a fear of living on the day of the election. For the sake of their lives, they might not be able to give a vote. Why am I saying this?

I have interviewed many people about the election. First, they correct me by saying that this is a selection. Please don’t go for the election word. Later on, when I continued, they said that instead of giving a vote, they preferred to be at home because of security reasons. They lost trust in the government. As they usually say, we want to dislodge with the government because no one is able to reduce the inflation rate, which is hurting our souls. In the healthcare sector, all staff are pre-informed that the law and order situation might get worse, so be ready for 24-hour duty. How will they be able to participate in the voting system when their office won’t allow them?

Things are unpredictable. I hope that whatever grabs the seat will be able to maintain trust with the common people.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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