Dear Sir,

With due respect, I would like to direct your attention to the sensitive issue of teenage life problems. Growing years of a teenager are quite challenging.

They go through several abrupt changes in their physical, social, and personal life. Teenagers are expected to attain perfectionism by; getting straight A’s in their academics, perfect body figures, a large social circle of cool friends, and being forced to choose a money-making career instead of their interest fields.

These idealisms collectively overwhelm their delicate brains and cause them to be entrapped in severe depression, anxiety, self-doubt, etc. Moreover, the unsupportive and neglecting parents pave the path of suicide for their children. Their indifferent attitude and blame game cause their children to hide things and become involved in bad company.

On the other hand, fake social media lives have killed the sanity and confidence of teenagers.

The portrayal of ideal, always happy, and smiling lives has created self-doubt and ungratefulness in teenagers. I would like to request parents to treat their teens as their friends. De facto, a child only understands the language of love.

Kindly understand their emotions and guide them correctly. I urge you to clear their doubts and help them elevate to real success. Thank you for giving this letter the time to read and I hope that you will listen to my request.

Yours sincerely,

Siffwah Mumtaz


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