Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring attention to an issue that often goes unnoticed in the glamorous world of fashion – the hazardous impact it has on the environment and human health.

The fashion industry’s rapid production and low-cost nature contribute to environmental degradation through excessive use of water, energy, and toxic chemicals, resulting in pollution, deforestation, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.The fashion industry is causing significant environmental and health risks due to the disposal of cheap, outdated clothing.

Beyond the environmental impact, the fashion industry also poses risks to human health.The use of harmful chemicals in textile production can lead to health issues for factory workers and consumers. Consumers should make responsible choices, supporting sustainable brands and demanding transparency in production processes.

Collective action can influence change and promote a fashion industry prioritizing style and sustainability. Addressing the hazardous impact of fashion on the environment and well-being is crucial for a sustainable future.


Zooha Indher


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