Every religion has its holy place, and in Pakistan, you will see numerous holy places all around the country, which increase its beauty and diversity. Diversity has always been an inspiring thought among Pakistanis.

We love to be together because we all celebrate the peace that we get from our holy places. The historical holy place has its own chram, which shows that back in the 18th century, people used to have not only beautiful but strong temples that were strong even after thousands of years had passed.

The architecture shows how carefully they designed each knock of the temple. In Mithi, Thar Hindu people are in the majority, which shows that they have different temples. Every temple has its own history. This Gori temple has its own significance because it belongs to the Era of the British, when there was the rule of British Maharaja.

This temple has life because local people used to come and pray here for their soul-purifying purposes. There was a singer at the gate of the temple, who was a Mithi native. He beautifully welcomed the tourist with his voice.

This welcome means a lot because these are the people who gave life to the rocks of the temple. Our Pakistani government should preserve this temple because the history it is beholding on its rock is very precious.

Our future generations must see how people back in the 18th century created holy places and kept their hearts inside them.

Every religion loves to create peace, but as a community, it is our sole responsibility to take care of each place by preserving it.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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