Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to bring your attention to a matter of grave concern that requires immediate and thorough investigation. The current state of the merit system in medical entry tests in Sindh demands urgent intervention to salvage the dreams of countless deserving students.

The recent instances of corruption surrounding the medical entry test have not only shaken the faith of the students but have also jeopardized the integrity of the entire examination process. Despite the sincere efforts of numerous hardworking students who aspired to excel through merit, their hopes have been shattered due to the apparent corruption within the examining authorities.

Initially, the examination was marred by a paper leak, revealing a blatant disregard for the principles of fairness and transparency. Shockingly, the culprits behind this misconduct were not held accountable, and justice remained elusive. To compound the issue, a decision was made to reconduct the test, only to witness a repeat occurrence of a leaked paper with its key circulating among students the night before the examination. This cycle of corruption not only undermines the credibility of the examination system but also undermines the aspirations of dedicated students.

The devastating situation of merit being compromised not only affects the academic dreams of many young individuals but also erodes the trust that society places in the education system. It is imperative that this matter be brought to the forefront and addressed with the seriousness it deserves. I urge you to use the influential platform of [Newspaper Name] to shed light on these issues and prompt higher authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

The culprits behind these acts of corruption must be identified and held accountable for their actions. Only through swift and decisive action against those responsible can we hope to restore faith in the merit system. I implore [Newspaper Name] to play a pivotal role in advocating for justice and transparency in the examination process, thereby ensuring that the dreams and aspirations of deserving students are not unjustly crushed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I believe that your dedication to journalistic integrity can make a significant difference in bringing about positive change in our education system.


Tahreem Rani

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