Dear Editor,

I am writing through the esteemed columns of your newspaper to shed light on the pressing issue of the energy crisis in Pakistan. Energy, being a fundamental necessity, plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, and the escalating energy crises are causing significant disruptions.

In numerous areas, there is a dire shortage of gas and electricity, creating profound challenges for the residents. The scarcity of electricity, gas, water, and fuel is not only impacting our daily routines but is also taking a toll on the economy. Despite Pakistan’s abundant resources, we are not harnessing them effectively to address this crisis.

Presently, Pakistan is grappling with up to 18 hours of daily electricity outage, a situation that is poised to worsen if prompt action is not taken. I wish to highlight some potential alternatives for electricity production, such as domestic-level solutions like solar and biogas, which can offer cost-effective options. Additionally, the future should focus on transforming our energy reliance to include hydropower, coal, solar, and wind energy.

Crucially, decisions regarding energy projects must prioritize national interest over narrow political and personal gains. It is imperative that we consider sustainable and economically viable solutions to ensure a stable energy future for Pakistan.

I hope that by sharing these views, we can contribute to finding practical solutions to this critical problem. I kindly request you to publish this letter in your newspaper to raise awareness and encourage a collective effort to address the energy crisis.

Farhatulain shaikh

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