We always take this profession seriously, but the truth is behind the curtains. Three doctors were talking and sharing great insights according to their competence, but their roles were not the same.

They were in the hospital, but one of the doctors was a patient at the time,another was attending (the doctor’s father), and the third was the doctor who was attending them for their complaint. The patient, who was a doctor by profession, complained of anxiety.

Yes, as humans, they also suffer. Pakistan’s health care system isn’t able to manage the mental health of doctors and patients. The scenario is the worst, as hospitals are void of basic necessities, and doctors are the ones who are consistently in touch with the patients and inform them about their health.

The talk between the three doctors was about their mental health. As front-line workers, they are the ones who take care of everyone but forget to take care of themselves, and they became emotionally, mentally, and physically weak. In Urdu we use to say “Chirag talay Anderaa.” This proverb is justified here.

Pakistan must take steps to ensure the holistic care of the doctors, also because they are serving humanity, but this doesn’t mean that in the line of service they forget themselves and become patients. Our doctors also need to be treated well.

They are always in rush which means they need more care. Our system must not be harsh with them, as they are on rotations and working for more than 12 hours a day.

Arisha Irshad Ali

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