Paris (Agencies) French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky solidified their nations’ commitment to security during a meeting in Paris. The ten-year pact, signed on Friday, mirrors defense agreements recently established by Kiev with Berlin and London.

While the agreement does not entail ironclad military commitments, President Macron pledged an additional €3 billion in aid to Ukraine throughout the remainder of 2024. Furthermore, the two leaders vowed to enhance cooperation in artillery.

France’s stance on Ukraine’s NATO accession was also clarified in the pact. French officials view it as a “useful contribution to peace and stability in Europe.” The symbolic deal aims to facilitate Ukraine’s future integration into the EU and NATO.

This bilateral security pact follows similar agreements with Germany and the UK, all spanning a decade. France’s commitment extends beyond words: last month, Macron announced the supply of 40 SCALP-EG long-range cruise missiles and “hundreds of bombs” to Kiev. Unfortunately, the French President’s planned visit to Ukraine from February 13-14 was canceled due to security concerns, as reported by French media.

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