PARIS (Agencies): French President Emmanuel Macron has postponed his planned visit to Ukraine due to security issues, as reported by the French magazine Challenges. The trip was initially scheduled for February 13-14. Macron was expected to visit Odessa, Ukraine’s largest Black Sea port, and later arrive in Kiev. The French government has not officially commented on the delay.

Foreign leaders’ travel dates to Ukraine are typically kept confidential until closer to the visit.

Macron’s last visit to Kiev was in June 2022, following Russia’s military operation. Recently, the new French foreign minister, Stephane Sejourne, visited the Ukrainian capital in January, assuring increased support.

In a significant move, Macron had previously announced that France would supply 40 additional SALP-EG air-launched cruise missiles and “hundreds of bombs.” During his upcoming trip to Ukraine, he aimed to finalize a bilateral security agreement.

A similar agreement previously signed by Kiev with London ensures that Ukraine will receive swift and sustained security assistance and modern military equipment across all domains in the event of a Russian attack.

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