• A Russian software developer trained ChatGPT to flirt with girls online

MOSCOW (Agencies): Finding the ideal companion is no simple task, but a Russian software developer found a wife on a popular dating app, after delegating the choice to Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is more common to use the neural network as a tool to help with writing a song or an essay, but Alexander Zhadan trained OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to flirt with girls on his behalf.

After using AI to virtually date more than 5,000 women over a year, Alexander found a soulmate, he told RIA Novosti. The 23 year old said he came up with the idea after experiencing difficulty finding the perfect match using normal methods and decided to outsource the task to a neural network.

“I gave ChatGPT information about how I usually communicate. At first there were problems because the program didn’t know me well, it could write some kind of nonsense, but later I trained it to such an extent that it began to interact with girls just like I do,” said the programmer, adding that ChatGPT started more than 5,000 dialogues.

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