PESHAWAR (Staff Report): A meeting of the cabinet members of All Allottees Peshawar Residencia Association was held yesterday at the PHA office Peshawar with the CEO PHAF, Mr. Shahid Khan, DG PHA Mr Roshan Mehsud, CE Raheel Saleem, DDG Imran Wazir, and M Kashif DD(P).

The President AAPRA Dr Imtiaz appreciated the efforts for CEO and his team for resolving the land issues and a possible outcome for physical activities on the project. Prof. Naseer Khan Khattak requested for ensuring the project on already signed agreement with the allottees.

The PHAF officials were of the view that though land issues are resolved but due to high inflation we are stuck. The President explained that we have paid as per signed agreement and the same may be executed as per government rules, escalation if any may be communicated but at this stage without any progress and any physical activities it is premature to discuss the same.

Mr. Wajid Hussain JS AAPRA explained about issues in execution and various option for its success that as soon physical activities are started it shall motivate more people for investment. A question by Mr Naveed Durani regarding new membership in Phase-2 with higher prices, CEO replied the same is zero, that was indeed a big question mark on future of the project. He further added that it is impossible for the government servants to accept the revised plan so is impractical.

The following options on priority were put to PHAF for immediate consideration.

  1. Executing Phase-1 of the project as per signed agreement with allottees and petitioners to show progress as required by the honourable court.
  2. Advertisement for developed plots as per other successful projects of PHA for all rest of the phases of project, as grey structure is not affordable and appealing been proved due to no membership in Phase-2.
  3. Compensation in escalation if any to existing allottees and petitioners through income out of the commercial and developed plots sale for settlements out of the court, as project is made possible due to strong commitment of these petitioners.

Engr. Hamad Jahangir, member of the core committee AAPRA explained technical issues of escalation and Mr Latif Khan, and Prof Nasrullah Khan requested for early execution of the project as the undesired delay has created a miserable situation for allottees.

The CEO very heartedly appreciated the commitment of the allottees and desired for a steering committee comprising of members from AAPRA, PHAF and PHA to come with a final resolution of the highly demanded project. He added that we are struggling on war footing for a possible resolution of
the project and hopefully soon shall prove our commitment.

The President AAPRA stated that this consultation progress should not be allowed for further delay in execution of physical activities and the same must be started by tomorrow for larger interest of the public.

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