ABBOTTABAD (Agencies): The Abbottabad Hajj Committee has initiated a program aimed at educating prospective pilgrims about the rituals of Hajj before their departure. They organizing a third training session for the remaining pilgrims. The session took place at the District Council Mosque on May 4 and 5, 2024.
The program, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, aimed to familiarize pilgrims with the essential rites and practices of Hajj, ensuring they are well-prepared for their spiritual journey. The training sessions commenced after the Zuhr prayer.
In consideration of women participants, separate arrangements were made to ensure their comfort and adherence to religious requirements.
Muhammad Sabir Sultan, President of the Abbottabad Hajj Committee, reiterated his dedication to facilitating pilgrims and ensuring they embark on their journey with the necessary knowledge and understanding of Hajj rituals.
He emphasized that these educational sessions reflect the committee’s commitment to assisting pilgrims in fulfilling their religious obligations with confidence and reverence.

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