ISLAMABAD (Staff Report): All Public Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) decides to approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan on flagrent violation of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, abuse of fundamental human rights and misuse of the office and powers by the Chairman HEC and VCs of a few public sector universities.

It was decided in a meeting of the core committee of ABPUBTA, chaired by its president Dr. Sami ur Rehman.

The meeting expressed its grave concerns on the role and conduct of chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad who is bent upon to misuse his office, powers, and the very institution of Higher Education Commission to any extent. He is not only responsible for depriving over 50,000 BPS teachers of their right to promotion but also trying through all illegal and unconstitutional means to deprive them of their fundamental rights enshrined and guaranteed in the constitution of Pakistan.

The core committee noted that freedom of movement, freedom to peaceful assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of expression are the fundamental rights guaranteed by article 15, 16,17 and 19 of the constitution of Pakistan.

It was noted that VCs of a few universities on dictates of chairman HEC issued unconstitutional and unlawful orders /notifications in their bid to stop university teachers from participation in sit-in protest in front of HEC headquarters, Islamabad on Oct. 31.

Later, a few VCs initiated different proceedings to victimise the teachers who had participated in the protest. These acts on the part of VCs dictated by chairman HEC are the flagrant violation of the constitution of Pakistan, abuse of fundamental human rights, and misuse of powers and authority.

Such repressive measures have been condemned by all teachers associations including APUBTA and FAPUASA and will not be tolerated at all. APUBTA will not compromise on the fundamental human rights of the universities teachers and those trying to abuse these rights will be brought before the court.

The core committee decided to challenge in the superior judiciary the illegal notifications issued by a few vice chancellors on the dictates of chairman HEC.

The core committee also expressed deep concerns on calling emergency meeting of the syndicate by the Vice Chancellor, University of Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

The core committee expressed its determination for exercising the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan and decided that any action taken by any VC inclufing the Vice Chancellor of University of Kotli will be countered using all legal means.

The core committee also decided to make a complaint cell as well as a legal committee to deal with all such cases. It will also approach the human rights organizations to counter any illegal action by any one.

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