Malakand (Khyber Mail): A significant achievement unfolded in the realm of mathematics as Mr. Bashar Khan, a dedicated PhD Scholar and senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Malakand (UoM), effectively defended his doctoral thesis.

His pioneering research, titled “A Comparative Study of Abelian Distributive Abel Grassmann’s Groupoids,” marks a substantial advancement in the field of pure mathematics.

Guided and enriched by the mentorship of Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, and Dr. Amanullah, Mr. Bashar Khan embarked on a scholarly journey that culminated in an exceptional thesis.

A notable aspect of Mr. Bashar Khan’s doctoral journey was the involvement of external examiners who meticulously evaluated his work. Prof Dr. Siraj ul Islam, Dean of Sciences at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, and Prof Dr. Saeed Ul Islam, Dean of Sciences at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, played pivotal roles in the examination process, affirming the rigor and significance of his research.

The Department of Mathematics at UoM, led by Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, the Chairman, joined faculty members in extending heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Bashar Khan and his dedicated research supervisors. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of mathematical knowledge was lauded, and they were encouraged to continue their exploration in this field for future advancements.

The defense of the thesis drew esteemed guests from the academic community and research students, among others, who graced the occasion.

In gratitude for the support received throughout his academic journey, Mr. Bashar Khan expressed appreciation to well-wishers, teachers, and family members for their unwavering encouragement and belief in his abilities. His dedication, coupled with serving the Department for about 24 years as a lecturer in the same scale, stands as a notable testament to the challenges within university systems. His scholarly contributions serve as an inspiration for future mathematicians and researchers.

  • About the University of Malakand (UoM):

The University of Malakand is a prestigious institution of higher learning in Pakistan, dedicated to advancing academic excellence and research across various disciplines. Its Department of Mathematics has a rich history of producing accomplished mathematicians and scholars.

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