KARACHI (Khyber Mail): Aga Khan University (AKU) celebrated a momentous convocation ceremony, marking the graduation of more than 730 students across four countries. The event, held on Saturday, was graced by esteemed guests, including Princess Zahra Aga Khan, who addressed the graduates in Nairobi.

Princess Zahra emphasized the significance of the graduates’ journey, stating, “On graduating, you return to a world that is full of daunting challenges but also of endless possibilities.” She encouraged the graduates to face these challenges with courage, optimism, and a commitment to serving their communities, fostering a more pluralistic and peaceful world.

In Pakistan, 391 students, with over 70 percent being women, received degrees in nursing, medicine, and education. Sabina Khatri, Founder of the Kiran Foundation, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Khatri expressed her confidence in the graduates, envisioning their potential to surpass remarkable achievements.

The university marked its 40th anniversary on March 16, 2023, with Princess Zahra highlighting the year’s accomplishments. New academic programs, increased enrollment, and groundbreaking initiatives such as the construction of a new campus in Uganda and the implementation of an integrated electronic health records system in Nairobi showcased the university’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin termed the convocation day a “crowning moment” for the graduates. He outlined the university’s future plans, encompassing the launch of new degree programs, expanded research capabilities, and strengthened partnerships at home and abroad.

The achievements of individual graduates were also acknowledged, with Zehra Amanullah receiving the Outstanding Graduate Award from the School of Nursing and Midwifery, and Alizah Pervaiz Hashmi earning the Gold Medal from the Medical College.

As the Aga Khan University continues to make strides in education and healthcare, the convocation served as a testament to its commitment to producing leaders and fostering impactful innovation.

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