ISLAMABAD (Khyber Mail): A distinguished gathering of journalists was recently hosted by Ambassador Jauhar Saleem, President of the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS). The event, held at the IRS premises, brought together a diverse group of media representatives based in Islamabad for a Meet and Greet Session, highlighting the crucial connection between academia and the journalistic fraternity.

In his address to the gathering, Ambassador Saleem praised the media’s steadfast commitment to providing comprehensive coverage in the face of current challenges and the ubiquity of social media. He stressed the utmost importance of nurturing strong academia-industry relationships and shared his vision for transforming the Institute into a center of excellence, comparable to leading international policy think tanks.

The event served as a testament to the IRS’s unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful dialogues and collaborations aimed at shaping a future characterized by innovation and progress. With a collective resolve, the Institute is well-positioned to navigate the constantly changing landscape of regional studies, producing high-quality research and providing valuable insights to policymakers.

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