Islamabad (Staff Report): Representatives of the All Public Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) were present at the second meeting of the special standing committee held at Parliament House, Islamabad. The meeting, chaired by esteemed National Assembly member Mr. Qadir Khan Mandokhail, addressed the long-standing issue concerning more than 50,000 BPS teachers in universities.

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) received strict instructions to devise a fair and acceptable solution that upholds the legitimate fundamental rights of the service structure outlined in the HEC Ordinance.

Mr. Nasir Shah Khattak, the Director of the Quality Assurance Division at HEC, represented the Chairman of HEC in the meeting. However, the Federal Ministry’s secretary was directed to ensure the Chairman’s presence at the upcoming meeting. Mr. Nasir Shah informed the attendees that a committee, comprising the President and General Secretary of APUBTA, was actively working on a draft solution that would be presented at the final meeting.

During the meeting, the APUBTA representatives voiced their concerns about HEC’s continuous use of delaying tactics and lack of sincere responses. Chairman Qadir Mandokhail directed the HEC official to hold the final meeting on Monday, July 24, and present a conclusive recommendation along with the Chairman of HEC by 4:00 pm.

Chairman Qadir Khan Mandokhel stressed the importance of addressing the violation of rights granted in the ordinance and the unjust delaying tactics employed by HEC, despite previous agreements and commitments with various standing committees. He emphasized that the PPPP (Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians) could not remain silent on this matter, as it severely affected respected teachers nationwide.

For the next meeting scheduled on Monday, July 24, 2023, the Chairman of HEC will personally attend to discuss the progress on the countrywide issue and finalize the approved BPS promotion statutes alongside the APUBTA representatives.

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