ISLAMABAD (Agencies): In a session chaired by Mr. Irfan ul Haq Siddiqui on December 22, 2023, the Senate Standing Committee discussed the absence of a promotion policy for university teachers, a concern raised by Senator Saadia Abbasi. The request, presented by the Academic and Professional University Teachers Association (APUBTA) received support from senators including Mr. Mushtaque Ahmad, Ms. Falak Naz, and Ms. Fawzia.

Expressing immediate resolution as crucial, senators emphasized their worries about the denial of fundamental rights. Senators Saadia, Fawzia, and Mushtaq Ahmad questioned the progress made by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in response to earlier directives and agreements with APUBTA. Senator Mushtaq Ahmad highlighted that this situation further underscores the mismanagement in higher education, particularly in the context of university teachers’ rights.

Despite the HEC Chairman’s assurance that the matter is under consideration and will be resolved soon, the standing committee remained dissatisfied. The Chairman mentioned that the HEC had proposed some options for resolution, but APUBTA had not accepted them.

Dr. Sami ur Rahman, President of APUBTA, conveyed that the association has been raising this issue with the HEC for the past four years, yet no legitimate resolution has been approved. The partial resolution mentioned by the HEC Chairman has not been shared with APUBTA.

The meeting was attended by notable figures, including Dr. Rashid Ahmad (Vice Chancellor, University of Malakand), Dr. M. Ali (Vice Chancellor, BZU Multan), Mr. Muhayudin Wani (Secretary Federal Education), Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad (GS APUBTA), and Dr. Zafar (GS FAPUASA KP).

In response to the discussions, the Chairman of the standing committee directed the HEC Chairman to resolve the issue by January 15, 2024.

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