BANNU (Staff Report): Government High School No. 2, previously known as Islamia High School, has been officially recognized as a National Heritage Site. With rich historical significance, this institution holds a prominent place in the region’s history. The school served as a symbol of unity, fostering both Hindu and Muslim cultures through shared education and collaboration. It stood as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diverse communities.

Tragically, the sanctity of this heritage site has been compromised. Despite the practice of preserving cultural legacies by civilized nations, the school, which was initially established through the contributions of Hindus, was recently subjected to an auction at an undervalued price. The process of this auction lacked clarity and transparency, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

E-Hujra, an advocate for heritage preservation and cultural integrity, urgently calls for the following actions:

  • Immediate Cancellation of the Auction Tender: The ongoing auction process must be halted promptly to prevent any further degradation of this esteemed heritage site.
  • Accountability and Action: Those responsible for the questionable tender procedure should be held accountable for their actions, ensuring transparency and fairness in all future dealings.
  • Restoration of the School: The school’s original condition must be reinstated, in alignment with its historical importance, to honor the contributions of both the Hindu and Muslim communities.

Mr. Asif Qureshi, Chairman of E-Hujra, states, “It is crucial that we safeguard our shared cultural heritage. The Government High School No. 2 holds a unique place in our history, reflecting the coalescence of different cultures. We demand immediate action to rectify the current situation and restore the school’s integrity.”

E-Hujra remains committed to preserving the cultural heritage that unites communities and strengthens our societal fabric. The organization stands firm in advocating for the just and rightful treatment of this National Heritage Site.

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