ISLAMABAD (Staff Report): Chairman NASC, Mr. Qadir Mandokhail, successfully facilitated an agreement between FAPUASA (Federation of All Pakistan Universities Staff Association) and APUBTA (All Public Universities BPS Teachers Association) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to resolve long-standing BPS faculty promotion issues.

In a meeting held on July 24, representatives from FAPUASA and APUBTA reached a mutual commitment with HEC to submit the draft promotion statutes for BPS university teachers. This collaborative effort, initiated under the guidance of Mr. Qadir Mandokhail, Chairman NASC, saw the active involvement of HEC officers, FAPUASA members, and APUBTA representatives.

The draft statutes were shared with relevant stakeholders in December 2021, and during the recent meeting, attended by HEC officer DG, QAD, Mr. Nasir Shah Khattak, and other esteemed members, it was decided to move forward with the approval process.

Dr. Kaleem Bareech, President of FAPUASA, played a pivotal role in advocating for the BPS faculty’s rights and stressed the importance of approving the draft statutes. APUBTA expressed its gratitude to HEC Chairman, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, and Executive Director, Dr. Shaista Sohail, for their genuine commitment in taking the draft statutes to the commission for approval.

The agreement, duly vetted by HEC Chairman and ED, was jointly signed by APUBTA President and HEC officer GD Nasir Shah. In an effort to expedite the resolution, Chairman Qadir Mandokhail has directed HEC to convene an urgent commission meeting with a single point agenda, rescheduled to take place on July 26, 2023. The morning meeting, which was postponed due to a flight cancellation, is now expected to proceed at 04:00 pm as instructed by Chairman Qadir Mandokhail.

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