MULTAN (APP): In an inspiring move towards securing the rights and safeguarding the future of children, Child Protection Bureau Office has been established in Rajanpur.

Under the visionary guidance of Chairperson Sarah Ahmad, the Director General of Child Protection Bureau, Aftab Ahmad Khan, officially inaugurated the newly established Child Protection Unit in Rajanpur. This monumental initiative has been realized in collaboration with the esteemed support of UNICEF and the International Rescue Committee (NGO).

A prestigious gathering witnessed the historic occasion, including notable figures such as DC Rajanpur Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Director Program Hasnain Khalid, Director Admin Kashif Jalil, and Zahida Manzoor, Child Protection Officer from UNICEF. Shabnam Baloch, Country Director of the International Rescue Committee, along with representatives from the local police force and other distinguished guests, graced the event with their presence.

Expressing his fervent commitment to the cause, Director General Aftab Ahmad Khan reiterated the pivotal role played by Chairperson Sarah Ahmad in this remarkable endeavor. The establishment of the Child Protection Unit stands as a testament to the shared vision for safeguarding the vulnerable children of Rajanpur district.

The collaborative efforts between the Child Protection Bureau and the International Rescue Committee (NGO) are set to create a lasting impact on the lives of children. The newly formed Child Protection Unit will act as a vigilant guardian, ensuring that the rights of children are upheld and their well-being is protected.

Excitingly, this is just the beginning of a larger plan. Director General Aftab Ahmad Khan unveiled that the Child Protection Bureau, in collaboration with UNICEF and the IRC NGO, will extend its reach to Dera Ghazi Khan. Here, a dedicated Child Protection Unit will efficiently manage children’s rights cases, propelling the cause forward with renewed vigor.

Director General Aftab Ahmad Khan underlined the importance of cohesive efforts from all stakeholders. This united front will be the driving force behind the relentless pursuit of safeguarding the rights and welfare of the children in Rajanpur district.

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