Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): In a pioneering initiative, Sarena Hotels Islamabad partnered with Connect Hear to host the “Accessibility Walk,” a significant event aimed at promoting disability inclusivity in Pakistan. The event took place this Sunday morning, commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Distinguished participants from various sectors, including diplomats, and individuals with disabilities, came together for this meaningful walk. The event commenced at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad and culminated at the Serena Hotel Business Complex Islamabad.

The “Accessibility Walk” demonstrated a collective commitment to fostering an inclusive society, breaking barriers, and promoting equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. Participants engaged in a symbolic journey, emphasizing the importance of accessibility in all aspects of life.

Sarena Hotels Islamabad, known for its dedication to social responsibility, provided a hearty breakfast for all participants. This gesture symbolizes the hotel’s commitment to creating a supportive environment and fostering community engagement.

“Events like the ‘Accessibility Walk’ underscore our commitment to creating an inclusive society. We believe in breaking down barriers and championing equal opportunities for everyone,” said by Otto Kurzendorfer, GM Sarena Hotels Islamabad.

Connect Hear, an organization dedicated to bridging communication gaps for the hearing-impaired, collaborated with Sarena Hotels in organizing this impactful event. The collaboration seeks to amplify the message of inclusivity and equal participation for individuals with disabilities.

The “Accessibility Walk” not only raised awareness but also showcased the collective strength and unity required to build a society where everyone can thrive, regardless of their abilities.

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