Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): The Civil Aviation Headquarters in Karachi hosted the 40th session of the e-kacheri, presided over by the Director General. The meeting, attended by high-ranking officials including the Additional Director General and Directors from various key Directorates, focused on addressing and resolving critical issues in the aviation sector.

The session primarily dealt with a surge in complaints related to both foreign and local airlines. Grievances ranged from passenger offloading and ticket refunds/compensation to staff misbehavior and missing or damaged luggage. In response, the DGCAA proactively sought detailed information from affected passengers through email, demonstrating a commitment to swift issue resolution.

Queries during the session encompassed the closure of Peshawar Airport and the non-operational status of DG Khan and Saidu Sharif Airports. The DGCAA disclosed that Peshawar Airport’s runway reconstruction and closure would take at least 6 months, while Dera Ghazi Khan and Saidu Sharif Airports, though operational, faced viability challenges for airlines.

Addressing incidents of misbehavior at Multan Airport, the DGCAA urged affected passengers to provide specific details for accountability. Strict measures were announced against staff misbehavior, with a commitment to report guilty individuals at the highest level.

The national carrier PIA’s previous operations to DG Khan and Saidu Sharif Airports were explained, highlighting financial challenges due to insufficient passenger load. The DGCAA also issued directives to implement the Government’s minimum wage policy, warning of blacklisting for non-compliance.

A significant announcement came in response to a complaint about a passenger imprisoned overseas for carrying medicine deemed contraband. The Director General ordered a prompt resolution, acknowledging the report’s legal significance, revealing the passenger had been entrapped by a dismissed CAA employee.

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