PESHAWAR (Staff Report): A significant breakthrough emerged today as E-Hujra Chairman Mr. Asif Qureshi engaged in a fruitful meeting with the Special Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, Mr. Asfandiyar Khattak. The meeting revolved around the pressing concerns raised by E-Hujra regarding the auction and potential demolition of the iconic Government High School No. 2 (formerly known as Islamia High School) building in Banu.

The atmosphere of the meeting was marked by positivity and cordiality, with Chairman Asif Qureshi’s forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment garnering commendation from all participants. The discussions centered on E-Hujra’s stance on the auction or demolition of the school building, emphasizing their steadfast demands. Supporting documentation was meticulously presented to the Secretary of Education for thorough review.

A significant outcome of the deliberations was the unanimous decision to establish a High-Level Committee, dedicated to finding a constructive and harmonious resolution to the lingering issue. This Committee will include E-Hujra Chairman and representatives from the Civil Society, underlining the pivotal role of community engagement in shaping the course of action.

The appointment of E-Hujra Chairman and civil society representatives to the Committee symbolizes a collective commitment to addressing the Government High School No. 2 issue in a manner that caters to the interests of the broader community.

Mr. Asif Qureshi, Chairman of E-Hujra, expressed his profound gratitude towards Mr. Asfandiyar Khattak, the Special Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, KP, and Dr. Rukhsana Aziz, the Planning Officer of the same department. Their active participation and dedicated involvement in the proceedings underscore their dedication to addressing the community’s concerns and finding an equitable solution.

The establishment of the High-Level Committee marks a significant stride towards resolving the complex auction/demolition issue surrounding Government High School No. 2. With all parties collaboratively working towards a shared objective, the community’s aspirations for a sustainable resolution are steadily coming into focus.

As the journey towards resolution gains momentum, Chairman Asif Qureshi’s leadership and the commitment of all stakeholders involved are poised to guide the way forward, ensuring that the historic Government High School No. 2 remains an enduring emblem of education and community spirit.

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