PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): In a recent online Zoom meeting organized by E-Hujra, members from diverse global locations expressed critical concerns regarding the recent appointment process of the Medical Teaching Institutions (MTI) Board of Governors (BOG) team. The discussion, which spanned various key points, highlighted issues in the selection and appointment criteria under the MTI Act.

  • Key concerns discussed during the meeting include:
  1. Search and Nominations Council: Questions were raised about the transparency and fairness of the Search and Nominations Council’s role in identifying and nominating individuals for key positions.
  2. Notification Process: Concerns were raised regarding the dissemination of notifications related to nominations, suggesting potential issues with the transparency of the selection process.
  3. Policy Positions: Despite the existence of policy-making positions and the convening of selection committee meetings, there is evidence of a deviation from appointing individuals based on merit and professionalism.
  4. Political Influence: Members expressed dismay over the trend of political figures securing positions on the board, contrary to the initial expectation of having qualified professionals.
  5. Consensus Approval of Policies: Alarm was expressed about policies not being approved through consensus, raising questions about the legitimacy of the decisions made by the board.
  6. Non-Interference Mandate: The stipulation that the board must not interfere with executive or operational matters is reportedly being disregarded, adding an additional layer of concern.

In response to these issues, E-Hujra proposed a series of actions:

  1. Legal Action: A stay order is recommended to be sought from the high court to halt any further questionable appointments until a thorough investigation is conducted.
  2. Political Involvement: Political parties are urged to be involved to ensure that the board is selected in strict accordance with rules and regulations.
  3. Documentation Request: Obtaining documentation of the entire appointment process under the Right to Information Act is deemed necessary to bring transparency to the process.
  4. Military and Civil Support: Seeking assistance from the military and civil establishments becomes essential to address the gravity of the situation and restore confidence in the governance structure.

In conclusion, Chairman E-hujra, Of Bannu Gul, emphasized the importance of swift and decisive action to uphold the principles of fairness, accountability, and professionalism in the selection and functioning of the MTI Board of Governors.

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