PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): A highly productive online Zoom meeting was held on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 10:00 am PST, between the esteemed International IT Professionals of e-Hujra Technical Wing and IT teachers and students from Mandan Girls College, Bannu.

The meeting aimed to address critical issues, discuss available facilities, and provide valuable suggestions to enhance the educational experience of IT students. The following are the key highlights from the meeting:

  • Issues:

Students’ dependency on administrative intervention for productivity was identified as a concern.
Students lacked project proposals despite having project titles.
The reliance on external assistance and the use of ready-made solutions for projects were noted.
Insufficient education on project requirements and expectations was acknowledged.
The need for course revision and a logical order in the curriculum was emphasized.
Power issues and the absence of a solar system were identified as challenges.
Limited online usage by students was discussed.
The absence of courses on cloud computing and other areas was raised.
Inadequate availability of servers was highlighted.

  • Facilities:

The computer lab at Mandan Girls College currently consists of 9 PCs loaded with required Windows-based software, out of a maximum of 25 PCs.
The student population ranges from 35 to 45 during any given semester on average.
Essential software taught includes project management systems, operating systems, databases, programming languages, web development tools, networking software, open-source software, mobile/Android development tools, data structures tools, and system analysis tools.
The college has a team of four dedicated computer science teachers.

  • Suggestions:

Computational thinking/logic development was proposed as a skill to be cultivated even without access to computers.
Utilizing low-cost solutions such as Raspberry Pi was recommended to address electricity problems.
Incorporating hardware-based learning through Arduino devices was suggested.
The introduction of augmented reality with limited training was proposed.
Regular meetings on various areas of computer science were recommended.
Encouraging students to teach and assist each other for improved learning outcomes was emphasized.
e-Hujra and the International IT Professionals of the Technical Wing are committed to addressing the challenges faced by IT students, enhancing facilities, and providing valuable suggestions for improvement. The meeting demonstrated a collaborative effort to empower the IT youth and promote a conducive learning environment.

  • Meeting Points Summary:

Identified issues include dependency on administration, lack of project proposals, reliance on external assistance, insufficient education on project requirements, course revision needs, power issues, limited online usage, absence of certain courses, and inadequate server availability.
Current facilities comprise a computer lab with 9 PCs loaded with required Windows-based software out of a maximum of 25, an average student population of 35-45 per semester, and a team of four computer science teachers.
Suggestions include fostering computational thinking, utilizing low-cost solutions, incorporating hardware-based learning, introducing augmented reality, organizing regular meetings, and promoting peer-to-peer teaching.

  • Participants:

Misbah ur Rehman (Microsoft USA)
Haider Ali Shah (Pakistan)
Asif Qureshi (Pakistan)
Dr. Tariq Zaman (Malaya)
Farid Ullah Khan (UK)
Dr. Aurangzeb Khan (USTB Pakistan)
Prof. Nasir Gul (USTB Pakistan)
Prof. Shoukat Ullah and his students (GPGC Bannu Pakistan)
Computer Lecturer and her students from Mandan Girls College

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