Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): In a poignant tribute to the historical services of Indonesia’s Father of the Nation, President Soekarno, the Embassy of Indonesia organized a distinguished function attended by notable personalities. Chief Guest Senator Mushahid Hussain, reflecting on his personal ties to Indonesia, lauded President Soekarno as the ‘hero of the Third World.’

Senator Mushahid Hussain, who spent his childhood in Jakarta, reminisced about President Soekarno’s unwavering solidarity with Pakistan during the 1965 War with India. Beyond his role as a freedom fighter, President Soekarno was hailed as the architect of the 1955 Bandung Conference, a pivotal event laying the foundation for Asian resurgence, Afro-Asian solidarity, and the Non-Aligned Movement.

The function also saw the inauguration of a compelling photo exhibition featuring historic moments of President Soekarno with world leaders. Colonel Amjad Hussain Sayed, Pakistan’s first Military Attaché to Indonesia and father of Senator Mushahid Hussain, was posthumously honored. Colonel Sayed, the recipient of Indonesia’s highest military award, the Bintang Dharma (Star of Merit), was recognized for his contributions during a meeting with President Soekarno in 1963.

The Acting Ambassador of Indonesia, Yusran Hardomo, addressed the gathering alongside Dr Imam from the Indonesian Archives, Asif Iqbal Khan from DG National Library, and Dr Mazhar Saeed from the National Archives. A vibrant cultural performance enriched the occasion, accompanied by the delightful flavors of Indonesian cuisine served to the esteemed guests.

This event not only celebrated the historical legacy of President Soekarno but also strengthened the enduring bonds between Indonesia and Pakistan, echoing the spirit of solidarity that has marked their shared history.

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