Islamabad (Khyber Mail): Caretaker Federal Minister for Culture and National Heritage, Jamal Shah, extended a warm welcome to a distinguished delegation from China’s TV and film industry.

Led by Mr. Zhang Yang, Director CFIC and Chairman of Chang Jiang, the delegation included key figures such as Mr. Hu Qiang, Chairman of Film Producer – Yihai Culture Communications, Co, Ltd, and Liang Ting, Chairman of Li Ting International.

Other delegation members included Supervisor Yuan Li, Executive Director Tang Chao Song, Deputy General Manager Liu Liqiang, and Group Coordinator Zhang Linhui.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore avenues of cultural exchange, with a focus on pan-cultural exports, visiting performances, cultural products, circulation of new artworks, art exhibitions, cultural exhibitions, galleries, music, festivals, and more. Both parties emphasized the pivotal role of enhancing cultural connections between Pakistan and China.

During the discussions, Minister Jamal Shah highlighted the robust bond between the two nations and unveiled plans for the second China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) cultural caravan. This initiative aims to strengthen economic ties and cultural bonds not only between Pakistan and China but also with the Central Asian States.

Minister Jamal Shah underscored the importance of cultural bridges alongside economic endeavors under CPEC. He specifically mentioned the groundbreaking film “Ba’Tie Girl,” a significant co-production between Pakistani and Chinese filmmakers, symbolizing the enduring friendship between the peoples of China and Pakistan.

In a separate meeting, Minister Jamal Shah expressed his pleasure at the collaboration between the two nations in the creation of “Batie Girl,” a film released in Pakistan in 2023. The movie, a milestone in cultural cooperation, signifies the vibrant cultural exchange between the countries.

Minister Jamal Shah showcased Pakistan’s rich artistic heritage, inviting Chinese companies to contribute to the growth of both nations’ film industries. Expressing interest in establishing cinema houses in Pakistan, he highlighted the nation’s 157 cinema houses and its aspiration to expand the cinema industry.

Zhang Yang, Chairman of Chang Jiang group, emphasized the plethora of collaboration opportunities in the entertainment industry. He expressed the Chinese delegation’s interest in investing in the Pakistani drama and film industry for joint production, presenting Pakistan as a beautiful country and an attractive tourism destination.

The discussions concluded with Minister Jamal Shah extending a warm invitation to the Chinese Film/TV delegation for collaborative ventures, fostering creativity in cinema, reviving the Pakistani Film Industry, and enhancing mutual understanding through joint productions. Director General PNCA Muhammad Ayuob Jamali was also present in the meeting.

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