PESHAWAR (APP): FIA Commercial Banking Circle Peshawar on Saturday arrested three suspects involved in the illegal exchange of money (hundi) and confiscated huge amounts of foreign currency.

On the direction of Deputy Director Afzal Niazi accused Izzatullah was arrested from Torkhum having 51,000 Qatari riyals and 49,000 Saudi riyals. The arrest of the accused took place as a result of effective coordination between FIA Commercial Banking Circle Peshawar and FIA Immigration Torkhum.

In another operation, an accused Muhammad Mujahid was arrested from Nishtarabad area having 2800 US dollars, 1600 New Zealand dollars and 27,000 Pakistani rupees.

In a third operation, Shafiullah was arrested in Gambit, District Dir having 368000 Pakistani rupees. The accused could not satisfy the valid reason for holding the recovered currency. A number of receipts related to Hundi reference were also recovered from them.

FIA registered cases against the accused under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and started an investigation.

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