ISLAMABAD (Adnan Hameed): The eagerly anticipated Seven Day Winter Feast is set to enchant Gilgit-Baltistan from January 15th to 25th this year. A notable addition to the festival is the inclusion of the National Ice Hockey Championship, marking a significant milestone for the annual event.

During the ceremony, Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Ghulam Muhammad highlighted the region’s vast tourism potential, emphasizing their commitment to promoting sports and culture. Provincial Planning Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan underscored Gilgit-Baltistan’s status as a global tourist magnet.

Shahid Nadeem, Vice President of the Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan, acknowledged the substantial influx of domestic and international tourists during the winter games in Gilgit-Baltistan. He expressed optimism that Pakistani athletes would elevate the country’s name in prestigious international events like the Asian Games and Olympics.

Secretary Tourism Asifullah Khan and Additional Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, Captain Retired Mushtaq Ahmed, revealed plans for cultural activities and local sports across all ten districts during the winter festival. The event will feature competitions in various winter games, including Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, and traditional local games such as Basra, Pindok, and Baalbut. Teams from across Gilgit-Baltistan, including female participants, are expected to showcase their skills and sportsmanship during this vibrant celebration.

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