Islamabad (Agencies): In a significant development for international cooperation, H.E. Duarte Pacheco, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), along with a delegation of representatives from the International Parliamentarians’ Congress (IPC), visited Pakistan to hold discussions with the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.

The meeting, held at the Finance Division, aimed to enhance ties between Pakistan and the IPU for the promotion of global peace, prosperity, and economic stability.

During the meeting, Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar warmly welcomed H.E. Duarte Pacheco and the delegation, highlighting the importance of Pakistan’s partnership with the IPU. He emphasized that Pakistan continually extends support through its participation in international organizations, striving for the common goals of peace and economic stability.

The Finance Minister also shared insights into recent economic and financial measures implemented by the government, which have successfully improved Pakistan’s financial position. He underscored Pakistan’s strategic significance in the region, expressing the nation’s vision to emerge as a prominent trade and energy corridor hub. Pakistan aspires to be the preferred destination for industrial production and IT services, while valuing its trade ties with regional countries.

H.E. Duarte Pacheco, President of the IPU, praised Pakistan’s active role in ensuring common aspirations of people worldwide. He acknowledged the efforts of Pakistani Parliamentarians in promoting peace, security, human rights, and sustainable development through their active participation in the IPU and IPC. Pacheco reaffirmed the IPU’s commitment to further strengthen parliamentary engagement and ensure representation from diverse global perspectives.

The delegation included esteemed members from various countries, including H.E. Abdel Rehman Maaia from Jordan Parliament, H.E. Saran Traore from Guinea Parliament, H.E. Nagiyev Arzu from Azerbaijan Parliament, and Ms. Sitara Ayaz, a former member of the IPC from the Senate of Pakistan.

The visit concluded with the delegation expressing their gratitude to the Finance Minister for his support and cooperation.

The meeting between H.E. Duarte Pacheco, the IPC delegation, and the Finance Minister marks a significant step towards fostering international cooperation and addressing global challenges to achieve peace, security, and economic development for the betterment of all nations.

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