PESHAWAR (Staff Report): The Vice-Chancellors of four prominent universities on the greater campus recently convened to tackle pressing financial and administrative challenges. The distinguished attendees included Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain (University of Engineering and Technology), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees (University of Peshawar), Prof. Dr. Jehan Bakht (University of Agriculture), and Prof. Dr. Gul Majid Khan (Islamia College University).

One key agenda item was the employees’ demand for the implementation of the salary and pension increase announced in the federal and provincial budgets for 2023-24. The Vice-Chancellors highlighted their prior request to the provincial government for funding to meet these obligations, underscoring that the funds have yet to be disbursed.

In a unified voice, the Vice-Chancellors urged the provincial government to promptly release the necessary funds, emphasizing the critical importance of fulfilling the commitments made in the budget.

Additionally, the Vice-Chancellors appealed directly to the employees, urging them to end the ongoing strike and resume their duties in consideration of the students, staff, broader society, and the universities as a whole.

In a strategic move, the Vice-Chancellors collectively decided to schedule meetings with the Honourable Governor, Honourable Chief Minister, and the respected Chief Secretary. The aim is to address the financial and administrative intricacies faced by the four universities and seek their personal involvement in resolving these issues. This proactive approach reflects their commitment to finding sustainable solutions for the benefit of the entire academic community.

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