PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): The Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICDI) in Peshawar, under the banner of KP Integrated Community Development Initiative, organized a significant event at Iqra National University.

The primary objective was to enhance awareness regarding the promotion of peace through cultural diversity and harmony.

  • Event Highlights:

The session featured a documentary on religious diversity, strategically chosen to broaden perspectives and foster understanding among students.
Students actively engaged in discussions, sharing their opinions and reflections on the documentary content.
The initiative aims to cultivate tolerance, appreciation for cultural differences, and a sense of unity in diversity.

  • Significance:

Such events play a pivotal role in nurturing understanding and tolerance among individuals with diverse backgrounds.
The documentary on religious diversity served as an informative tool, offering students insights into various beliefs and practices, ultimately fostering a greater appreciation for cultural nuances.

The open forum provides a constructive platform for students to express their thoughts and perspectives on the topic, facilitating meaningful dialogue.

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