Abbottabad (Khyber Mail): Bazm-e-Ilm-o-Fun Pakistan Hazara Branch recently hosted an elegant book launch event to introduce “Kalam Natamam,” the autobiography penned by Prof. Dr. Tariq Saeed Mufti. Anayatullah Waseem graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, adding significance to the celebration. Ahmed Hussain Mujahid and Dr. Munawar Aziz presented papers, contributing to the literary ambiance of the event.

During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Tariq Mufti personally distributed autographed copies of his book, setting a personal and celebratory tone. Prof. Dr. Aamir Sohail, in his introduction, emphasized the book’s distinctive features, highlighting the author’s use of accessible language to establish a profound connection between the reader and the narrator’s journey. The autobiography vividly portrays the social and cultural tapestry of a bygone era, resonating deeply with the personalities mentioned.

The narrative skillfully navigates the author’s events and struggles, immersing the reader in the emotional spectrum experienced by Prof. Dr. Tariq Mufti. Dr. Munawar Aziz shared heartwarming experiences from his long-standing friendship with the author, while Ahmed Hussain Mujahid presented selected excerpts that shed light on the writer’s philosophical reflections, offering valuable life lessons.

Wahid Siraj, President of Bazm-e-Ilm-o-Fun, extended congratulations to the esteemed writer, praising his command of language. Anayatullah Waseem, the ceremony’s President, shared personal anecdotes about his association with Prof. Dr. Tariq Mufti, offering candid insights into the personalities discussed in the book.

The book, crafted and digitally printed by Khyber Mail (Printers & Publishers) Peshawar, received high praise from the attentive audience. The event brought together the intellectual elite of Hazara, enhancing the success and cultural significance of the book launch.

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