PESHAWAR (APP): Caretaker Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muhammad Azam Khan, held a meeting on Monday with the newly appointed US Consul General, Shante Moore, in Peshawar.

During the meeting, they discussed mutual interests and matters related to cooperation and collaboration between the provincial government and United States’ development agencies in various sectors.

Muhammad Azam Khan stated that the KP provincial government viewed cooperation with the US government and agencies in different sectors as of great importance.

He emphasized that the US government would continue to strengthen cooperation with the province.

The chief minister stressed the need for increased cooperation with friendly nations and donor agencies in the tribal areas, which had lagged behind in development for decades.

He also highlighted the special need to focus on building basic infrastructure in these war-torn regions and placed particular emphasis on road infrastructure development.

He further noted that improving the police infrastructure in the merged districts was essential to ensure peace and security.

The promotion of girls’ education was among the provincial government’s top priorities, the chief minister said.

He expressed the willingness of the KP provincial government to welcome American cooperation in these sectors and provide any necessary assistance.

Shante Moore, assured that the US government would continue to work closely with the provincial government and the public to carry on the work of public welfare.

He also mentioned that the US government was keen on preserving the province’s ancient historical buildings and cultural heritage.

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