ISLAMABAD (Khyber Mail): Kreative Kinder Haus (KKH), a renowned inclusive school network in Islamabad, recently marked the commencement of Autism Awareness Month at its flagship branch. The institute, dedicated to providing comprehensive support to children with special needs, hosted a heartfelt event to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ASD is a complex neurological and developmental condition that affects behavior, communication, and motor skills. According to the United States Government’s Center for Disease Control & Prevention, approximately 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with varying stages of ASD during their lives. Unfortunately, Pakistan lacks official data on this disorder, making initiatives like KKH’s awareness campaign crucial.

Sabeen Bilal, Founder & Director of Kreative Kinder Haus, emphasized the need for greater understanding and inclusion. She stated, “Autism Spectrum Disorder remains undiagnosed for many of our children in Pakistan. As a society, we must recognize each child’s uniqueness and special gifts. At KKH, we take proactive steps by offering specialized services such as speech therapy, behavior therapy, and occupational therapy. Our all-inclusive preschool education system caters to each child’s specific needs. It’s time for us to celebrate these differently abled children, rather than confining them within four walls. This country belongs to them as much as any other child.”

KKH currently operates three branches in Islamabad and has ambitious plans to expand across multiple cities in Pakistan. Their unwavering focus is on providing precise therapies that empower children to fully integrate into society. As part of their awareness efforts, Kreative Kinder Haus will launch a digital media campaign and organize on-ground events throughout the country, fostering understanding and acceptance of ASD.

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