KARACHI (Agencies): Lieutenant General (retired) Arif Hasan, who has held the position of President of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) for over 19 years, has officially stepped down, citing health reasons.

Having initially assumed office in March 2004, Hasan confirmed his resignation from the United States, where he is currently undergoing medical treatment.

In a letter addressed to the POA’s Executive Committee, dated December 28, 2023, Hasan expressed the necessity of balancing his health with the demands of leading the organization.

He emphasized the decision was made earnestly to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of the POA’s work.

Hasan’s tenure faced criticism for Pakistan’s Olympic medal drought, with political figures and fans holding him accountable.

The POA’s Executive Committee is expected to appoint an interim president until the next elections, likely after the Paris Olympics in 2024.

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