Rawalpindi (Khyber Mail): The National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), Pabbi, witnessed the grand closing ceremony of the two-week-long Multinational Joint Special Forces Exercise Fajar Al Sharq-V on 9 December 2023.

The exercise, which commenced on 27 November 2023, brought together elite Special Forces units from Pakistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait, fostering a collaborative environment in the realm of counter-terrorism.

The event was attended by officers from the participating countries, adding a diplomatic dimension to the military cooperation on display. The exercising troops showcased their professional prowess, emphasizing the significance of joint efforts in combating terrorism.

The primary objectives of Fajar Al Sharq-V included strengthening the historic military-to-military relations among these brotherly nations and developing joint employment concepts against counter-terrorism. The exercise not only served as a platform for tactical maneuvers but also identified key areas of mutual interest, paving the way for future military collaborations.

This closing ceremony marked a milestone in enhancing regional security and promoting camaraderie among the special forces of Pakistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait. The commitment to shared goals in the fight against terrorism was palpable throughout the exercise, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and cooperation among the participating nations.

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