Lahore (Staff Report): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women’s Empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has asserted that the principles of human rights and women’s empowerment are deeply embedded in the fabric of our religious, cultural, social, and political values.

She was delivering a keynote speech at the launching ceremony of “Hundred Day Plan – Execution and Achievements by the Caretaker Government” held in Governor House Lahore.

The launch ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Governor Punjab, Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman. Focal Person to SAPM, Ms. Sabien Hussein Mullick, one of the architects of the 100-day plan, delivered a detailed presentation on the Execution and Achievements of the 100-day plan.

The launch event was organized in collaboration with Infocomm, an organization renowned for its work on Women’s Empowerment and Financial Inclusion. Other dignitaries from civil society and organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment and human rights were among the attendees.

Mushaal emphasized that the principles of human rights and women’s empowerment are not only deeply embedded in the constitution of Pakistan but also find a robust foundation in our national heritage. She underscored the transformative capacity of Pakistani women and advocated for increased female engagement in social and digital arenas. She emphasized that the 100-day plan encapsulates innovative solutions poised to uplift and empower women across Pakistan.

Mushaal underscored that despite its constrained mandate, the caretaker setup demonstrated a robust resolve to attain the objectives outlined in the 100-Day Plan. She conveyed her hope that all stakeholders, driven by a shared commitment, would actively contribute to realizing the dream of advancing human rights and women’s empowerment in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Sam Ali Dada, Advisor to SAPM on Gender Inclusion, stressed the need of focused efforts on empowering women through financial inclusion. She emphasized that achieving women’s financial independence stands as a pivotal pillar for advancing gender equality and unlocking the true potential of the nation.

The 100-day plan, developed by the Ministry of Human Rights under the leadership of SAPM, stands as a comprehensive package of visionary ideas and initiatives. The plan is aimed at enhancing the overall human rights landscape and promoting women’s empowerment in Pakistan. The plan encompasses a wide array of initiatives spanning critical areas such as Gender Equality, Education, Economic Empowerment, Healthcare, Violence against Women, Political Participation, Legal Rights, Reproductive Rights, Freedom from Discrimination, Child Marriage, Access to Justice, Media Representation, Access to Technology and Social and Economic Safety Nets.

In his address, the Governor of Punjab commended the dedicated efforts of those instrumental in shaping the 100-day plan. He acknowledged and extended appreciation to SAPM Mushaal Hussein Mullick for her personal endeavors in championing human rights in Pakistan and tirelessly working towards the empowerment of Pakistani women to a deserving status. The Governor also declared Mushaal as a source of inspiration and an emblem of the Kashmir freedom movement.

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