Islamabad (Staff Report): A special meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC) was held at the Parliament House, Islamabad, with the presence of esteemed representatives from the All Public Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA). Notable attendees included Dr. Sami ur Rahman, Dr. Asif Jan, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, Dr. Akhtar Hussain, and Mr. Jawad Khan. The meeting was presided over by the honorable member of the National Assembly, Prof Dr. Qadir Khan Mandokhail.

The primary focus of the session was to address the concerns and demands put forward by APUBTA regarding the service structure of approximately 50,000 BPS faculty members, including both PhD and Non-PhD personnel, employed across various universities. In response to the issues presented, the Chair issued a directive to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), urging them to promptly approve the promotion policy for the aforementioned faculty members. The HEC officials, with DG QAD, Mr. Nasir Shah Khattak, leading the delegation, were present at the meeting to represent the Commission.

The NASC’s directive to the HEC emphasized the urgency of the matter, instructing them to complete the approval process of the promotion policy within one week. Furthermore, the HEC has been requested to report back to the standing committee on the progress and outcome of the policy’s approval.

This development is expected to address the concerns raised by APUBTA and pave the way for a streamlined promotion process for the BPS faculty members in the country’s universities.

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