GILGIT (APP): In an inspiring display of unity and commitment, over 4000 students from four districts of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) came together on Monday to assert their unwavering dedication to peace in the region.

The demonstration aimed to counter any misconceptions about GB and emphasize its status as a peaceful and harmonious place, free from sectarian tensions.

The students, representing four districts of GB Gilgit, Ghizer,Hunza & Nagar, organized a powerful rally to showcase their dedication to maintaining peace in GB, to create a culture of care and love.
The rally commenced with a peaceful walk from Boys High School No 1 Gilgit to the Civil Secretariat GB, culminating in the presentation of a resolute resolution at the Chief Secretary’s office.

The resolution underlined the students’ resounding message: that education is above all, and to attain it, they require a peaceful environment and assure their level of support to maintain peace and harmony in GB. Their demonstration upheld the Islamic concept of brotherhood, showcasing their commitment to uphold it for generations to come.
Key points from the demonstration.

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