Washington (Agencies): The strong and enduring bond between Pakistan and the United States has been fostered through education for several decades, affirmed Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. Speaking at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC during a meeting with 25 Pakistani students participating in the ‘Study of the US Institutes’ (SUSI) program, the Ambassador highlighted the importance of increasing the number of Pakistani students studying in the United States.

The SUSI program, a 5-week educational initiative launched in 2010, serves as a platform for enhancing cross-cultural understanding and promoting education cooperation between Pakistan and the United States. It offers young minds a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in American society, history, and values.

Congratulating the selected students on their achievement, the Ambassador stated that their participation in the SUSI program would enrich their experience and broaden their intellectual horizons. He emphasized that the knowledge and insights gained during their stay in the United States would be instrumental in contributing to the progress of both nations.

Highlighting imitation, emulation, and innovation as vital stages for societal progress, the Ambassador expressed hope that the students would apply what they learned and observed in the United States to benefit their own communities and foster mutual understanding between the two nations.

The Ambassador underscored the rich civilization and the experience of seventy-five years in nation-building that the visiting students represented. He encouraged them to utilize this opportunity to strengthen intellectual ties between Pakistan and the United States.

Masood Khan extended gratitude to the U.S. government and all involved in organizing the SUSI program for their commitment to promoting educational cooperation. He appreciated the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the US mentors for hosting the visiting fellows.

He urged the students to nurture the contacts they made during the program, emphasizing the importance of networking for their future endeavors.

During their interactions, the participants shared their experiences, highlighting both the similarities and differences between Pakistan and the United States. They praised the remarkable organizational skills observed at various levels, the formulation and execution of policies, the spirit of inclusivity, and the value placed on diversity and equal opportunities in the US society.

The Ambassador expressed his best wishes for their future endeavors and looked forward to their continued contributions in strengthening Pak-US relations. The Pak-US Education Alliance remains a vital bridge connecting the two nations and building a promising future for both.

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