Islamabad, Pakistan (ILO News): The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO), successfully concluded a historic validation workshop on the World of Work (WOW) Crisis Response Strategy.

This groundbreaking event brought together diverse stakeholders and experts to finalize the strategy, which focuses on preparedness, mitigation, and response to crises while prioritizing decent work and human-centered recovery.

The validation workshop represents a significant milestone in addressing the challenges faced by the workforce during times of crisis, particularly vulnerable workers in the informal economy. The jointly developed strategy by the Ministry of Labour and the ILO provides clear guidance for all stakeholders in the world of work to effectively respond to crises.

Mr. Zulfiquar Haider, Secretary of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD, emphasized the critical importance of enhanced coordination among stakeholders to ensure an efficient and synchronized response to crises. He stressed that the success of the strategy depends on the collective efforts of all stakeholders to create a more resilient workforce.

Mr. Humair Karim, Additional Secretary of the Economic Affairs Division, highlighted the strategy’s significance for engaging with donors and garnering international support and partnerships.

Mr. Niaz M. Khan, Senior Joint Secretary of Poverty Alleviation, appreciated the strategy’s recognition of the interplay between social protection, employment, and skills and its impact on poverty alleviation.

Mr. Syed Nazar, General Secretary of the Employers Federation of Pakistan, emphasized the direct benefit of the strategy for sustaining businesses and job creation.

Mr. Zahoor Awan, Workers Representative and ILO GB member shared insights on the impact of crises on workers and their families, emphasizing the need to advance the decent work agenda and uphold labor rights obligations.

Representatives from the Provincial Departments of Labour highlighted the strategy’s application at the provincial level and its utility in fostering coordination and communication with other stakeholders.

The National Disaster Management Authority stressed the urgency of improved coordination among all stakeholders and the integration of decent work principles into crisis response efforts. By aligning these principles, future crises can be addressed with more effective and sustainable solutions.

The validation workshop concluded with unanimous endorsement and firm commitment from all stakeholders to implement the World of Work Crisis Response Strategy. By embracing this strategy, Pakistan aims to build a more resilient and inclusive workforce capable of overcoming challenges posed by future crises.

This landmark validation workshop marks the beginning of a new chapter in Pakistan’s crisis response endeavors. The Ministry of Labour and the ILO, together with all stakeholders, is dedicated to implementing the strategy to effectively mitigate, prepare for, and respond to future crises. By prioritizing decent work and human-centered recovery, Pakistan takes a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and prosperity of its workforce.

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