KARACHI (Khyber Mail): Mohammad Salim Sheikh, the CEO of Sindh Transmission Dispatch Company, brought international acclaim to Pakistan by securing a gold medal at the prestigious 40th Athens Marathon 2023 in Greece.

This remarkable achievement highlights Pakistan’s presence on the global stage in the field of athletics.

  • Key Points:
  • Athlete’s Representation: Mohammad Salim Sheikh represented Pakistan on the international platform during the 40th Athens Marathon 2023.
  • Gold Medal Achievement: Sheikh’s outstanding performance led to his victory, earning him a gold medal in the highly competitive international marathon.
  • Global Participation: The Athens Marathon saw participation from 113 countries, showcasing a diverse and extensive field of athletes from around the world.
  • CEO’s Remarkable Feat: Beyond his role as the CEO of Sindh Transmission Dispatch Company, Sheikh’s athletic prowess has now become a source of pride for Pakistan on an international level.

Mohammad Salim Sheikh’s success at the Athens Marathon not only brings honor to himself but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Pakistan, underlining the nation’s potential for excellence in various fields.

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