Peshawar (Nadir Khan): The issue of delayed passports remains unresolved even after nine months, reportedly due to the poor strategy of the Interior Minister and the Director General (DG) of Passports and Immigration. The backlog of passports has reached millions, causing significant inconvenience to the public.

Despite the increase in passport fees in recent years, citizens are not receiving their passports on time, which is causing widespread frustration. The delay has not only deprived people of the joy of Umrah and Hajj but has also led to frequent altercations in passport offices.

The Interior Minister and the DG of Passports and Immigration have been urged to address this issue promptly. Previously, urgent passports were issued within four days and normal passports within 15 days. However, the process has now extended to several months.

The performance of the DG of Passports and Immigration has been criticized, with the delays in passport issuance and the inability to deliver them on time being cited as evidence of poor performance. The authorities are being called upon to take immediate action to rectify the situation and restore efficient passport services.

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